Golden-Ink Landscape Sketches 

Not so long ago I tried some landscape sketches with golden pens on heavy black paper.

After trying different gold-colored pens to find the best I finally found my favourite ones.

Faber-Castell PITT Artist pen GOLD 250**

This high-quality pen with 1,5mm line width is filled with india ink and has high lightfastness. I used it on different surfaces, on paper, cardboard and canvas. It works relly well and the quality of the golden color is very high-grade.


Here is the second one: 

edding 2185 crystaljelly 053

A fine line width of 0,7mm and a shining golden color is characteristic for this pen. It is perfect for detail work and primarily to use on paper.

Here are some examples of the landscape sketches with that two pens.

I used the Faber-Castell-pen for the main structure and the edding-pen for detail work.

Especially the shininess of the edding-pen is amazing.

Both pens are fast drying and should be stored horizontally.


Thank you for reading.

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    Blonder (Donnerstag, 21 Januar 2016 15:32)

    Nicht schlecht. Wie groß sind die Bilder ?

  • #2

    Erkan (Donnerstag, 21 Januar 2016 20:30)

    Hallo Blonder,
    die Bilder sind 42 cm x 10,5 cm groß. Sie wurden auf schwarzem Papier mit den oben beschriebenen Stiften erstellt.