Art & Architecture - The Vienna Parliament Building

One of the most characteristic buildings in Vienna is the Parliament Building. It was built from 1874 till 1883 and the architect was Theophil Hansen who was born in Denmark 1813.

After his studies of architecture he had spend some time in Athens. That's probably the reason why he had the idea of the greek or hellenistic style and why he could create such a masterpiece.

In front of the Parliament there are a fountain with greek sculptures, the sculpture of Pallas Athene and a sculpture of a man repressing a horse.

Here is Pallas Athene, who is representing wisdom, peace and protection. She is symbolizing the importance of democracy too.

Some impressions of the spectacular architecture.

On the top of the front wall is the emperor Franz Josef I. shown as a roman imperator. That caused some big discussions back then.

On the left side of the entrance there is the first article of the declaration of international human rights.

It says that every person is born free with same dignity and rights. They are gifted with rationality and conscience and should face each other in the spirit of brotherhood.


What a beautiful declaration.


Thank you for reading.

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