Welcoming 2 new paintings

Here are the 2 latest paintings I did. The wooden frame and the stretching of the canvas are made by hand. After the application of surfacer, the whole canvas gets a black coat. Then the tiles get shaped and fixed on. After letting everything dry, the acrylic painting process starts. From layer after layer it takes some hours to create a deep, structured result with colors that cause a harmony and hopefully excite the eye of the viewer.


This is the first one. I gave it the name "Colorful Orbit Splash 1" because it reminds me of some movements in the galaxy. And there is always a mystery when looking at the surroundings around the earth.

And here is the second one with the name "Colorful Orbit Splash 2". It is the partner of the first one as the name indicates. It is the same style but unique in it's own way.

Here are some detailed views.

The ceramic tiles are brought from the historical city of Istanbul.

Decades ago the style of this tiles was created in the Ottoman Empire and they are still used in important buildings to decorate the walls. 

Many layers which have to dry separately give the feeling of deepness and structure.

I hope you like this new peaces.

Feel free to leave a comment.


"Colorful Orbit Splash 1" and "Colorful Orbit Splash 2" are featured in the Gallery.



Thank you for reading.

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