Visiting some boats on sea

Some time ago, I think it was in 2013, I wanted to focus on watercolors and soon I found myself painting boats on sea.


I liked the harmony of the pictures and tried to use soft colors.


When working with watercolors especially the quality and thickness of the paper is very important. At this paintings I used a rough paper with 300g/m² thickness.


Here are some examples of them:

Mostly you can find colorful skies and mountains on the works.

For the reflections of the light I used opaque white. In German it's called "Deckweiß".

I tried to keep the paintings soft and simple. 

The key point at watercolors is the handling of water. It can cause very interesting effects on the paper as you can see in this image.

Sometimes I used colored crayons to give the objects stronger contours. In this image I edited the wood in the foreground with them.







Thank you for reading.

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    Dalac (Montag, 01 Februar 2016 11:01)

    Very nice Work, i like it very much.

    Do you still work with watercolors?

    Greetings from Vienna

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    Erkan (Montag, 01 Februar 2016 18:55)

    Dear Dalac,
    thank you for the kind words. At the moment I'm not working with watercolors, I am more into acrylic abstracts now. But maybe in the near future I'll come back to them.

    I wish you peace and all the best. Erkan