Art & Architecture - The Historical Art Museum

In the heart of my native city Vienna there is a beautiful building representing the art of architecture from the Austrian empire period. The Historical Art Museum or "Kunsthistorisches Museum" with it' s original name was built from 1871 till 1891. The emperor of Austria Franz Josef I. ordered a new building to present the imperial art collection. The experienced architects Gottfried Semper and Matthias Carl Borromaeus Hasenauer guided the construction works of the Historical Art Museum (Kunsthistorisches Museum) and the Historical Nature Museum (Naturhistorisches Museum) which is just on the opposite site and from the same architecture.

The whole concept of this museum is very impressive. Fine handmade decorations on the outside are capturing this huge building. Many sculptures and big doors beautify the entrance.

On the fore court there is the famous monument of empress Maria Theresia who was the wife of emperor Franz I. Stephan Von Lothringen and reigned the Habsburg Monarchy from 1740 till 1780.

The monument from antother perspective.

This building is a masterpiece of art and I can' t imagine how many people worked day and night to get it finished.


The architectural work in the inside is maybe more fascinating but for this time I' ll come to an end.


Thank you for reading. 


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