Photographing The BMW M4 In Vienna's Oldtown

It was one of my first bigger photography Projects when I got the Chance to take Images of the BMW M4.

Back then we made The first series called "BMW M4 - urban underground" where the photographs were taken in an Underground Garage in vienna.


many months passed by since then and after being influenced by the beautiful spring atmosphere in vienna's oldtown the owner and I decided to make a new pjoject with this amazing car.


The first district of Vienna is a beautiful place. historical architecture and interesting side streets delight the eye.

we thought that the m4 would perfectly match to this place because of the controversy. a historical european City and the high technological sportscar. the Color of the vehicle played an important role because it was in total harmony with the old Buildings.

I wanted to make a series of streetphotographs with the M4 in the Focus.

i know this area quite well so it was not so hard to find interesting compositions. horse-drawn carriages and historical streets with beautiful Buildings gave the opportunity to find the right angle of view.



It was a cloudy day and with a moving car it was neccessary to push the iso of the Nikon d800 up to 500 to use a fast shutter Speed with an Aperture of f7,1.


It was also important to look after the traffic when I had to take the Photograph from the street.


Sometimes while driving through the City i saw an interesting Scene and asked the owner if he could just stop so I could take the Photograph. This worked quite well too and so the new series called "The M4 In the oldtown" was ready to be post processed in Adobe Photoshop Elements.


I decided to gave the photographs a warmer Color temperature to create a nice harmony in the scenes. 

ISO 500; 1/320; F7,1; 50mm 1,8G NIKKOR lENS

All in all it was an amazingly beautiful experience to make this series. I thank all the Patient tourists and the owner and friend Michael Pieler for the common Project.


HERE you can take a look at the selected photographs of this series.

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    M (Freitag, 21 April 2017 08:40)

    Also this time it was a one-time experience.
    Spending time in the city with my friend and car, made this day something special.
    Special thanks to my colleague and friend Erkan!

  • #2

    Erkan (Sonntag, 23 April 2017 09:49)

    Thank you very much dear Michael. It was a beautiful day full of Action to Photograph your car in the busy oldtown. I am very happy to get this Project done with you as a friend. Thank you for the trust.

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    someBody (Donnerstag, 04 Mai 2017 22:41)

    That's very beautiful .you are one of the best artist

  • #4

    Erkan (Donnerstag, 04 Mai 2017 22:46)

    Thank you very much. It is very nice to have you on my website. Best wishes to you.