Photographing the Donauinsel in Vienna

The Donauinsel is a famous location at the Danube river in Vienna. It offers beautiful parks, boat rides, nice restaurants and much more. Many people meet there to spend good time especially on a sunny day. I tried to catch some characteristic impressions on such a day.

This is one of the first photographs i made there. i liked the view and angel of the river and the Bridge. the rocks and the Palm leaves gave the Scene some beautiful decoration. The most beautiful character on this Photograph for me is the Kind elderly woman on the right side.

When she passed me she had a very positiv and friendly Impression on her face. after going along the road she took a rest and looked at the water. 

At the Exit of the Underground Station i saw this amazing skater who could jump highly over the steps. He was so dedicated and good that I had to capture this. I put my camera Settings manually to a fast shutter Speed and large aperture. Because of the good light of the afternoon sun I had to set the iso just a Little bit higher.


when I had The photographs I went to this cool skater, introduced me and showed him the Images. his Name is Vasek Stavarek, a 22 year old Student who lives in brno, czech Republik. He was so amazed and happy about his Pictures. I Thank Vasek very much for his kindness and friendliness. You are a great Person and great skater My friend.




Iso 400; 1/400; f5; 50mm Nikkor lens

If you are in vienna I could recommend you to make a visit to the Donauinsel. Beside cool People there are some very nice geometrical Elements there. Bridges and steps could create interesting compositions. 


It was a Little Adventure for me to walk around and search for interesting Scenes.


I hope you'll enjoy it.


Here you can see the selected photographs of this series

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