Making Of "Electric Universe One"

I'm always gladful and happy when receiving a commission work and i think every artist feels the same.

So i thank every person who've been supporting me from my heart.

I was invited to the house of our customer Mr. Pieler who already got some artworks from Erkanart.

I had to make an abstract painting with our technique for the living room. so we decided together which dimensions and colors the painting should have and I got about three weeks for delivery.

Arriving at home where my studio is I had to build the wooden frame and stretch the canvas with the right dimensions at first.

After that a paste is added to the surface for structure effects. I admit that this step doesn't look very good but in the end it will give some amazing dynamism to the painting.

When the paste had dried I painted the canvas in a very dark grey tone. You don't see them but the structures are there :)

The first ground layer with purple and black. It has to airdry for the next step.

Adding some turquois, because it was the favorite color of our customer. Sorry for the different light at this picture.

Now it's time for some light grey with a thick color for some more texture on the surface.

Finally the first white highlighting, which has a sprakling effect. I love white.

things starts to get interesting when the neon yellow comes by. But not too much, just a little is enough.

A little bit of neon red too. Always keeping an eye on the whole harmony of the painting. This is my keypoint.

The last touches. Little more of every color to cause more intensity on the canvas.

Finally smoothening the frame with black spray-color and giving golden accents on the surface.

I didn't have to think so much about the name. When I behold the movings and rhythm I want to call it "Electric Universe One".

Delivery day. Mr. Pieler was so kind and came to our studio to meet his new painting. He was amazed from the first sight and that made me one of the happiest persons out there.

A picutre of "Electric Universe One" in it's new home. I thank mr. Pieler for trusting me and my art and I wish all the best and beautiful harmony with his new painting.


Thank you for reading.

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    Marco Polo (Dienstag, 26 Februar 2019 10:05)

    Kunst in Ihrer schönsten Form.
    Man sieht, dass der Künstler mit viel Leidenschaft und großem interesse seiner Berufung nachgeht!
    Weiter so und hoffentlich sehen wir weiterhin so schöne Bilder

  • #2

    Erkan (Dienstag, 26 Februar 2019 10:11)

    Vielen Dank für diese wunderschönen Worte lieber Marco Polo.

  • #3

    John Bird (Dienstag, 26 Februar 2019 16:13)

    Alles in allem ist es eine wunderbare Welt, die Erkan uns hier mit seinem „Electric Universe One“ schenkt. Alles deutet auf eine andere Wirklichkeit hin, auf eine „Überwirklichkeit“.
    Die Zusammenstellung der Details ist wunderbar, der Schöpfer versucht bei der malerischen Ausführung seines Werkes die Intensität des Lebens wieder zu spiegeln, und vergisst hierbei nicht auf die Kraft der Farbgebung. Dies gelingt ihm mit einer Leichtigkeit, die man nicht erahnen hätte können. Ein Wechselspiel zwischen Emotionen und der verführerischen Schönheit des Universums –dem Electric Universe One.

  • #4

    Erkan (Mittwoch, 27 Februar 2019 06:53)

    Lieber John Bird,

    dieser dichterische Kommentar ist besonders wertvoll für mich. Es erfreut mich sehr, dass dir das Werk gefällt und du dir die Zeit genommen hast, dies in diese wundervollen Worte zu fassen.
    Danke sehr.