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Artist Of The Month - January 2020 - Adnan Yildirim

It was on one of my regular visits to my sister in Istanbul when she told me About an interesting artist called Adnan Yildirim.

She saw him on television and was fascinated About the amazing life journey of this man.


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Walking Through The Center Of Vienna Again- Part 1

Whenever a workday was kinda exhausting or whenever I have too many thoughts on my mind I take a break on the way home and walk through the famous Kärntner Straße in the first district of Vienna.

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Artist Of The Month - April 2019 - Mikki Senkarik

Some years ago I was searching for different styles of landscape paintings on the internet.

At one point my eyes got stuck at a very special and colorful artwork. I immediately fell in love with the technique and harmony of the colors. I quickly had to look for that artist and found the wonderful Mikki Senkarik.

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Artist Of The Month - March 2019- Olivia MacDonald

When I was recently looking at some artworks on Instagram I noticed some pretty cool black and white drawings.

Every piece was so individual and nice that I just knew that I had found our artist of the month.

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Making Of "Electric Universe One"

I'm always gladful and happy when receiving a commission work and i think every artist feels the same.

So i thank every person who've been supporting me from my heart.

I was invited to the house of our customer Mr. Pieler who already got some artworks from Erkanart.

I had to make an abstract painting with our technique for the living room. so we decided together which dimensions and colors the painting should have and I got about three weeks for delivery.

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A Day In A Beautiful Garden

In July this year I had the amazing opportunity to visit a small village Named "Halifeler" in the mountain region of Mersin in Turkey.

 There I Met Mr. Hüseyin who was a soft-hearted and Kind man with a Passion for nature.

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Photographing the fishermen of Istanbul

It was the last week of the holy month of Ramadan, when i visited my dear sister in Istanbul. i was fasting at daytime and had enough time to think about some new Photograph-Series about this beautiful City. The Famous fishermen came somehow in my mind. 

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Photographing the Donauinsel in Vienna

The Donauinsel is a famous location at the Danube river in Vienna. It offers beautiful parks, boat rides, nice restaurants and much more. Many people meet there to spend good time especially on a sunny day. I tried to catch some characteristic impressions on such a day.

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Photographing The BMW M4 In Vienna's Oldtown

It was one of my first bigger photography Projects when I got the Chance to take Images of the BMW M4.

Back then we made The first series called "BMW M4 - urban underground" where the photographs were taken in an Underground Garage in vienna.


many months passed by since then and after being influenced by the beautiful spring atmosphere in vienna's oldtown the owner and I decided to make a new pjoject with this amazing car.


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Seven Days In The Desert

After climbing mountain Toubkal I wanted to go somewhere warm.

Before I started my trip to morocco I already had booked a Hotel in the area of merzouga which is just at the Sahara desert in eastern morocco.

the Name of the Hotel was "camel's house" and I had made the Reservation from "".

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Climbing Mountain Toubkal

When I Planned my trip to morocco I had never thought that climbing Jebel Toubkal (4167m) would be that hard.

Harsh winter conditions made the way up to North africa's highest mountain to a very difficult challenge for me.


In marrakech a Young man called omar talked to me asking if i want to make a tour somewhere. I said I wanted to climb mountain toubkal. He got very happy and said that he grew up there and that he is a professional guide.

After talking to him I got the opinion that he was really professional. He gave many important Information and showed me Pictures with his Clients.

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Photographing Austrian Mountains

couple weeks ago i had the wish to capture the Beauty of amazing mountains. Well i Think I am a lucky man to live in a Country like Austria where i have entrance to the great alps.

After getting the advice that the Region around the mountain "Dachstein" is very attractive i decided to get there.


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Photographing the forest in my hometown

Today i decided to take a closer look at my hometown gramatneusiedl. it was back in may 2007 when we moved here and i am very satisfied with the peaceful life in this small and friendly town.

there is a woodland in the near of our house and i was interested to take some photographs there. the weather conditions were quite interesting. because it had rained the night before, the Floor was really wet but the morning sun was shinig threw the trees and created a nice athmosphere.

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Photographing a BMW X1

A couple months ago I took the opportunity to get the car of a friend, a BMW X1. The car is the smallest of the X-series of BMW. The front is quite long and expressive and with it's higher chassis clearance the X1 would perfectly fit into an interesting offroad scene to get nice photographs.


In the aegean region of Turkey we found a beautiful landscape which was better than I've imagined.

Mr. Ismail Ayyildiz, a person with a wonderful character who is also a BMW-fan agreed to drive the car during the work.

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Meet Yusufca - A Traditional Village In Turkey

The Village of Yusufca is located in the south-west of Turkey between the cities Denizli and Antalya.

It has around 2300 inhabitants and it's well known for a successful agriculture.

People grow mostly tomatoes, peppers and melons there.



The climate is very hot and dry in the summer and cold and snowy in the winter.

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Photographing a BMW M4

One day my working colleague made his dream come true and bought a BMW M4. When he showed me the car I was fascinated about the dynamic design. Soon I got the pleasure to make some photographs of this beautiful car.

The first step was to find the right location which had to match the powerful design and the dark grey color of the vehicle.

For the first location we got the opportunity to use an underground car park in Vienna.

The dark and silent aura was an interesting place for the over 440 hp strong (431 hp + stronger exhausting system) BMW M4.

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Art & Architecture - The Historical Art Museum

In the heart of my native city Vienna there is a beautiful building representing the art of architecture from the Austrian empire period. The Historical Art Museum or "Kunsthistorisches Museum" with it' s original name was built from 1871 till 1891. The emperor of Austria Franz Josef I. ordered a new building to present the imperial art collection. The experienced architects Gottfried Semper and Matthias Carl Borromaeus Hasenauer guided the construction works of the Historical Art Museum (Kunsthistorisches Museum) and the Historical Nature Museum (Naturhistorisches Museum) which is just on the opposite site and from the same architecture.

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Meet The Flowers Of Ink

It must be in 2014 when I discovered a great artist named Leonardo Pereznieto on YouTube. He showed in a video how to paint with water and ink to get beautiful and simple paintings.

First the motive you want should be painted with a brush and clear water on a strong paper. While doing this first step it would be good to leave some areas of your motive dry to get the indication of light when applying the ink.   

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Visiting some boats on sea

Some time ago, I think it was in 2013, I wanted to focus on watercolors and soon I found myself painting boats on sea.


I liked the harmony of the pictures and tried to use soft colors.


When working with watercolors especially the quality and thickness of the paper is very important. At this paintings I used a rough paper with 300g/m² thickness.


Here are some examples of them:

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Welcoming 2 new paintings

Here are the 2 latest paintings I did. The wooden frame and the stretching of the canvas are made by hand. After the application of surfacer, the whole canvas gets a black coat. Then the tiles get shaped and fixed on. After letting everything dry, the acrylic painting process starts. From layer after layer it takes some hours to create a deep, structured result with colors that cause a harmony and hopefully excite the eye of the viewer.


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Art & Architecture - The Vienna Parliament Building

One of the most characteristic buildings in Vienna is the Parliament Building. It was built from 1874 till 1883 and the architect was Theophil Hansen who was born in Denmark 1813.

After his studies of architecture he had spend some time in Athens. That's probably the reason why he had the idea of the greek or hellenistic style and why he could create such a masterpiece.

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Golden-Ink Landscape Sketches 

Not so long ago I tried some landscape sketches with golden pens on heavy black paper.

After trying different gold-colored pens to find the best I finally found my favourite ones.

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Handmade Artworks - Taking Traditional Dresses Of The Ottoman Empire Into The Present

When walking through the streets of Bayrampasa - a district in the european part of Istanbul - you' ll see a lot of different clothing stores. But one shop window is definitely catching the eye. The store is called "Ada Moda" and it impresses with fine adorned dresses in a nostalgic style.

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The Oltu Stone

Erzurum is a city in turkey which is located in the east and has around 760.000 inhabitants. It' s famous for historical monuments , a ski center at the mountain Palandöken and a special stone called oltu.

The stone is a black or sometimes dark brown resource which can only be found in the province Oltu. It has developed from different resins in the soil. The excavation is very difficult because of the steepy and rocky area where the oltu stone is located in the subsurface. So people have to work it out by hand.


It' s commonly used as jewelry like necklaces, prayer beads, studs.


The specifications:

  • Originally very soft but gets harder when encountering with air
  • Easy to work on
  • Gets glossier when used
  • Gets electrified when rubbed

Mr. Muhittin Beyit has his own store called "Gözde Oltutas" in the center of Erzurum where he offers jewelry made of oltu stone. Especially the famous prayer beads which are unique artworks are favored by people. From one kilogramm oltu stone can only be made seven prayer beads. It is a hard working process.


At first rough pieces are cut out of the digged out stone. Then a master has to trim the pieces to pins by hand before they have to be edited with the lathe. After finishing the extensiv detail work the master polishes the rounded oltu balls with the powder of the charcoal of a residant tree called Cirki and the powder of chalk brought from the mountain Palandöken. At last the balls get fixed together and the prestigious oltu stone prayer bead is ready.


Here are some pictures of the store:

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Making a stretched canvas / Einen bespannten Keilrahmen fertigen

You need:

A canvas, lath wood, a pencil, a scissor, a stapler, a measuring tape, a saw, a rasper
Sie benötigen:
Ein Leinengewebe, Lattenholz, einen Stift, eine Schere, einen Tacker, ein Maßband, eine Säge, eine Raspel
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